I first began doing photography almost 10 years ago. When I first started I would shoot whatever subject I could get. Then, my dog Aster was the subject of many a photo shoot. Back then I even preferred shooting animals and inanimate objects.

Since then I have really discovered the beauty of shooting portraits of the human variety. I take a very photojournalistic approach, whether it be an event, a portrait, or even something abstract. I think the best shots are when people aren’t aware that they are being photographed, that is why I love to photograph subjects in environments where they are comfortable.

My pricing varies, depending on the type of session you are seeking and the scope of the project. Give me as many details about what you are looking for and I will get you a price quote as quickly as possible.

No job is too small, and for the most part, no topic is off the table. I like to be as diverse in my photography as possible. If I am not able to shoot what you need, I can probably recommend someone who can.